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Offering The Best Coin-operated Washing Machines and Dryers in Sydney

For over 24 years, B&B Laundry has served Sydney with the supply and maintenance of their commercial coin laundry equipment.

With over 500,000 washing loads under our belts, we know a thing or two about great commercial coin op washing machine services. We serve over 123 commercial buildings and countless families staff & clients every day with reliable coin-operated laundry equipment.

We supply high-quality coin-operated washing machines and coin-operated dryers to apartments, hotels, home units, universities, residential colleges, boarding houses, factories, hairdressers, retirement villages, and more.

Not only are awe a coin operated laundry supplier, but we also provide a comprehensive service with a 24-hour service guarantee.

Should your coin washing machine or coin dryer need any kind of maintenance, you can count on B&B Laundry to be there to fix it promptly. We understand that time is money and we work hard to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

24 Hours Service Guarantee

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    Your Coin-Operated Laundry Supplier With a Personal Touch

    At B&B Laundry, we pride ourselves on our dedication to providing personalized, compassionate service to each and every client. We are a locally owned and operated, family-run business. We’re committed to serving our friends and neighbours in the greater Sydney area with the best commercial laundry equipment and service in the area. We add value, not only to your building but also to your resident’s quality of life.

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    B&B Laundry Fully serviced and maintained for maximum usage.
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    What We Offer

    As the number one coin-operated laundry equipment supplier in Sydney, we offer comprehensive laundry supplies and service, including:

    • Commercial Laundry Supply–coin-operated washers and dryers
    • Professional Installation
    • Comprehensive Maintenance
    • Emergency Reporting and Repairs

    Everything you need for an efficient laundry service, all in one convenient place. Our systems let you run your laundry facility on auto-pilot.

    Our Customer Feedback

    No Capital Outlay, No Maintenance Costs, and No Hassle!

    Our commercial laundry equipment service requires no capital outlay from our clients. That’s right, we provide your building with high-quality Speed Queen washers and commercial dryers at no cost to you.

    Additionally, there’s no charge for service or maintenance on your machines. We routinely maintain our coin-operated laundry equipment free of charge.

    When service is required, your residents contact us directly at our toll-free number. There are no fees for this service, and we provide the necessary repairs within 24 hours, guaranteed. No more waiting around for unreliable repairmen!

    Our no-hassle, no-fuss business model helps save you time and money while providing your building with laundry services they can rely on.

    As a building manager, you’re busy and already a multitude of responsibilities on your plate. Let the team here at B&B Laundry handle your commercial laundry supply and service for you so that you can focus on your other tasks.

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    coin-operated washing machines

    Not Just Your Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment Supplier, Your Laundry Partner

    At B&B Laundry, we take the time to personally work with all our customers to increase their laundry room productivity, streamline the laundry process, and encourage more environmentally friendly options by using high-efficiency machines that optimize water usage and utility costs.

    No machine is infallible, but when it comes to emergency service, you won’t find a team more dedicated to responding to your needs as B&B Laundry. When you experience a problem with any of your equipment, you become our first and only priority, we don’t leave you hanging!

    As soon as the call comes in, we respond quickly and provide a solution within a day. Our goal is to reduce downtime as much as possible, so your building or operations can get back to laundry “business as usual” as soon as possible.

    Get Your Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment in Sydney Today!

    Does your building need dependable commercial laundry services? Are you sick of using old, poorly maintained machines that break down often? Then you need B&B Laundry Systems.
    As the number one coin-operated laundry supplier in Sydney, we take the stress out of commercial washing machine supply and service.

    Get in touch today to inquire about renting our industrial washing machines and dryers for your building. Your residents and your wallet will be glad you did!

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